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23 May 2024
Middelfart, Denmark
Plant Food Symposia 2024
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Open until 22 May 2024

The main partners in the partnership are

The Plant2Food

The Plant2Food open innovation in science platform supports pre-competitive research and development activities between academia and industry and aims to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable plant-based food system.


AgriFoodTure is a mission-based partnership that aims to accelerate the green transition of the Danish agri-food system and position Denmark as the leader for innovative, green solutions.

Plant-based Food Grant (Plantefonden)

Plant-based food grant supports initiatives that contribute to a more plant-based diet, both on early development level and by increasing knowledge and education about plant-based diets.

Grønt Udviklings- & DemonstrationsProgram (GUDP)

GUDP supports development projects within the entire food sector in Denmark across the value chain. The aim is to promote a green and economically sustainable development in the entire sector, from primary production in agriculture, fishing and aquaculture through processing to market.

Location Hindsgavl Slot, Hindsgavl Allé 7, Middelfart
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