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23 May 2024
Middelfart, Denmark
Plant Food Symposia 2024
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Open until 22 May 2024

The series of the three Fast-forward plant-based food symposia

The series of the three Fast-forward plant-based food symposia.

Fast-forward plant-based food is the first of three symposia. The aim of the symposia series is to accelerate the transition to more plant-based food consumption by maximizing the impact of: Plant2Food, AgriFoodTure, the Plant-based Food Grant and GUDP through aligning our efforts in supporting research and innovation in a new partnership.

Symposium I (2024)

The partnership’s goal for the first symposium is to uncover knowledge gaps, address key challenges, define research needs, and map out future workstreams. The comprehensive program, featuring workshop sessions, engaging talks, and insightful panel debates, will actively involve all relevant stakeholders across the entire plant-based food value chain. This includes researchers in natural science, social science, and humanities, companies, international experts in food and agriculture, farmers, innovators, and entrepreneurs from start-ups, scale-ups, and corporates, business accelerators, future leaders, and other change makers. Our aim is to engage all stakeholders in a coordinated collaboration to accelerate research, innovation, and development for a sustainable agri-food system.

Symposium II (2025)

With the second symposium we aim to enhance public-private collaboration for accelerating innovation and sustainable development within the plant-based value chain. The focus on public-private partnerships is essential to strengthen and accelerate strategic research and innovation and for achieving the goals of the National Action Plan on plant-based food.

Symposium III (2026)

The aim of the third symposium is to provide a unified vision for all stakeholders in the value chain and strengthen the recommendations and coordination of impact investment in plant-based food. The third symposium will facilitate a brokerage event designed to connect impact investors, charitable foundations, and crowdfunding platforms with plant-based spin-offs, spinouts, and start-ups. During this event, project partners will be given the opportunity to showcase and pitch their innovations and business cases.

Expected impacts of the symposium series

The expected impacts of the symposia is the formation of new partnerships, facilitate and ensure connectivity across funded projects in the plant-based food value chain, promote mission-oriented investment thinking for short and long-term financing, and, of course, accelerate the impact of plant-based food consumption.

We hope you will join us and actively take part in the existing symposia series and join the future of plant-based food.

Supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Location Hindsgavl Slot, Hindsgavl Allé 7, Middelfart
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